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rTools - Remote Service Suite

rTools offers the latest in point of sale cloud based support and services.

With rTools Pro, you will get all the benefits of our cloud based support and services such as professional technicians proactively monitoring your system for errors while performing basic maintenance such as updates, fixes and off -site backup just to mention a few. With rTools you can have the peace of mind that your system will be remotely managed by DCR’s highly trained professionals.

Key Features:
Return on Investment
rTools starts paying for itself the moment it is installed. Through proactive system monitoring, we can identify and fix system issues fast providing you with less down time. Anti-virus comes standard (remotely monitored anti-virus option is available) which offers you great savings immediately!
Enhanced System Performance
System management and performance is important on any POS system. We proactively manage your system so you can spend more time with what matters…your customers. We will also automatically keep your OS and anti-virus (optional) updated with the latest patches and versions.
Automated and Reliable
Don’t wait for a problem to happen. Let us monitor your system for possible errors before they become problems and then correct them automatically and remotely.
Address PCI Requirements
We have selected a combination of tools that includes third party solutions and internally developed solutions to create a complete management system to help you meet your PCI requirements.
Get superior anti-virus protection for your system included in the suite. Anti-virus software can be expensive and a pain to keep updated. Let us do it for you! This software also helps address PCI requirements.
Web Portal Access
Allows DCR technicians to gain access to your system remotely to keep your system in working order.
24/7 Virtual IT Technicians
Our virtual technicians are constantly montioring your system and reporting problems to our technicians.
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Automated system management

Proactive system monitoring

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