POS System Services

Service and Support 

DCR is committed to providing superior service and support on every system we install.

We provide on-site or depot service on all hardware and remote or on-site support on all software. We also offer service and support agreements to save you money versus a per call basis.

Time and Materials



Remote / Software

Consulting / Training

Meetings / Training Facilities

Time and Materials
Without maintaining a service or support agreement, DCR will provide services and support on a time-and-materials basis. Calls will be billed based on the time required for support/service and materials will be billed for the parts used to repair the failed equipment. If on-site service is needed, technicians will be dispatched to your store location to perform the needed repairs, maintenance, or other work required to maintain normal system operation. Rental equipment is available if the equipment cannot be repaired on-site.

– Technicians come to your site for repairs
– Equipment rentals are available if needed

With on-site service, technicians arrive at your store location and perform needed repairs, maintenance, or other work necessary to keep things running properly. With an on-site service agreement, equipment loaners are provided at no additional charge if the failed equipment cannot be repaired on-site.- Technicians come to your site for repairs
– Equipment loaners are provided if necessary
– Emergency after hours service is available
– Provides discounts on labor rates

– Priority response vs. no maintenance agreement

Depot service allows DCR to repair failed equipment that is returned to our offices. This option provides a cost savings compared to on-site service and may be the only service option available for sites in remote locations. Each customer is required to supply their own spare equipment to keep their system running while the failed equipment is out for repairs. Once the equipment has been repaired it is returned to your selected destination. If you have spare equipment available or you can work without the failed component until the repairs are complete this plan could save money compared to on-site maintenance rates.- Cost effective compared to on-site rates
– In-Shop repair turnaround time is typically 5 working days
– Depot service options available to fit your needs
– Next business day delivery is available to most areas if necessary

– Priority response vs. no maintenance agreement

Remote / Software
Remote system support is delivered via telephone and dial-up access to your system. Depending on the type of system that you own, remote support may include operational support and training, system tuning and monitoring, problem diagnosis and resolution, and software system version upgrades. Remote support includes support and assistance during normal business hours and emergency after hours support.- Help Desk technicians are available for support via telephone
– Dial-up access can provide quick repairs and short down-time
– Emergency after hours service is available

– Priority response vs. no support agreement

Consulting / Training
With today’s employee turnover and constant technology changes, it is sometimes necessary to re-evaluate your business to reduce costs and maximize sales and profits. Our consulting and training staff will provide advice on the latest system features and how to implement those features in your operation. Sometimes a small investment in the latest training, software, and/or hardware upgrade(s) can make a dramatic difference in your efficiency and profitability. As your business partner, DCR provides the following services:Consulting – Evaluate your business and determine your needs
Analysis – Based on your needs determine the software, hardware, and processes that will best meet those needs
Implementation – Install and configure the entire solution
Training & Support – Train you and your staff on system operations to maximize efficiency and provide

support to answer any follow-up questions

Meeting / Training Facilities
DCR provides facilities to accommodate training and meeting needs for small- to medium-sized groups. From local customer systems training to regional vendor meetings and training events, we can provide all of the resources you need within our own building. Contact us concerning availability. Local information related to hotels, restaurants, etc. can be obtained for our Nashville, TN Facilities & Accommodation Information.

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