rTech – Cloud Based Remote Technician


Introducing rTech, the new cloud based remote technician for your POS system.

With rTech, you will have DCR’s professional technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its like having an in house technician at the ready! rTech also provides anti-virus protection for your system as well as remote access, live connect, ftp and customer portal access.

Remote Access

With rTech, DCR’s technicians can remotely access your system to search for errors and fix them quicker. This also eliminates system down time waiting for a techinician to travel to your business.

Reduce system down-time

With more system up time you will have more time to serve your customers which could mean more profit.

Professional Grade

Our technicians are highly trained, courteous and skilled in the latest system software.


With rTech, you will get the latest in anti-virus software to help keep your system safe and address PCI compliance.

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