A study by the National Retail Federation showed losses of up to $37.1 billion dollars directly to the retailer as a result of inventory shrinkage. In fact, 43.7 percent ($16.2 billion) of total losses was due to employee theft! Internal theft even accounted for more losses than shoplifting (32.6 percent of total losses). This data shows how important it is to protect your business from internal theft.

The Surveillance Starter Pack is just what you need to help protect your investment.
Surveillance Starter Pack

This low-cost, easy to use system comes with everything you need to get started.

The pack includes an all-in-one DVR, 2 IP dome cameras, POE switch, text overlay and full LOC SMS integration combined with DCR’s extraoridinary support and training.


All-in-one DVR All-in-one DVR – This slim, fanless DVR takes up a very small amount of space yet provides hours of high quality video.
IP Dome Cameras 2 IP Dome Cameras – Get crisp and clear video with 2 mega pixel resolution dome cameras.
Text Overlay Text Overlay – Text overlay shows you exactly what is happening in the transaction in real-time. See voids, refunds, no sales, UPCs, prices, totals and more!
Integrates with LOC Software Integrates with LOC SMS – This starter pack integrates fully with LOC SMS software and pulls transaction data directly from the electronic journal. You can even search and view video directly from your EJ!
Reduce Theft Monitor your Cashiers – Reduce sweethearting and internal theft by knowing exactly what is happening at the lane and within the transaction.
Potentially Save Thousands Save Big – Potentially save thousands by reducing internal theft and errors
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