Integrated modules

Integrated modules also add to why POSitouch is the solution of choice.
  • Reporting module offers a host of standard reporting as well as the ability to access data from industry standards to customize reports with third party packages.Click here to read more about reporting functions.
  • Included is an extensive electronic journal for queries and reproduction of checks.
  • Inventory offers controls for item movement to track contribution to margin and overall profitability of items sold. Click here to read more about Inventory functions.
  • Manage suppliers, generate purchase orders, receive purchases, record transfers in and out from this module.
  • Credit Card Authorization provides an all in one solution for the POS data and credit authorization. Click here to read more about Credit Card functions.
  • Labor Management offers time and attendance for payroll as well as scheduling. Click here to read more about Time & Attendance functions.
  • Having labor information integrated with sales data offers tremendous benefits.
  • Customer Data Base can be utilized for house charges, customer profiling and frequent dining programs.