Core Components

Core Components of the solution include:
  • Color touch screen application allows for easier training and menu flow.
  • Intuitive screen design provides for faster speed of service and throughput.
  • Optional split screen or separate display for expediting/packing.
  • Integrated color Kitchen Video Displays.
  • Options for sending to displays include, real time “on the fly”, one touch delay, one item delay and upon order confirmation.
  • Complete order routing and duplications for various prep areas.
  • Optional item consolidation.
  • Prioritized display for both main items and modifiers regardless of how the item was entered at the touch screen.
  • Summary mode.
  • Bump orders as complete – not required to bump by queue.
  • Bump orders by either bump bar or touch screen.
  • Single and Dual drive thru.
  • Order recall and parking for orders not ready.
  • Banks and Skims for cash accountability and alerts.
  • Product projections for preparation.