Dinerware and WavePOS - iPad Restaurant Solution

Untether your staff with WavePOS for Dinerware

Imagine your staff spending less time at the order station and more time upselling and serving your customers. Imagine your servers being completely mobile and able to open and close tickets directly from the floor to maxmize table turns and average check size. Well dream no more, WaveSoft for Dinerware is here and it is revolutionizing the way restaurants are doing business.

Why stay tethered to order taking terminals and workstations when you can complete transactions on the fly. WavePOS allows you to run Dinerware on any apple device. This device can then act as an extension of your traditional order taking terminal. This gives you the freedom to do things like never before, such as submitting orders to the kitchen directly from the floor. This can dramatically increase the productivity of your wait staff allowing them to focus more time on engaging guests and upselling.

Mobility in a restaurant provides the opportunity to develop strong customer relationships and deliver highly personalized service. When you eliminate the order entry step, beverages and food can be delivered more quickly to your guests. As a result, your guests will be more inclined to develop into the coveted “regular”.

With your staff free from the bonds of the traditional model, your guests will keep the memory of a great experience while you keep ahead of the competition (and put more money into the bank).

WavePOS features at a glance:

•Mobile POS solution that works seamlessly with Dinerware to help maximize efficiency and productivity

PCI Compliant Gateways and Devices

Untether – Order taking and payment processing are easily done on the handheld from anywhere in the restaurant

Automatically import your settings for maximum user-familiarity.

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