Dinerware Point of Sale Software Features

Order Entry and Ticket Handling

Servers and bartenders want a POS system that allows them to effortlessly fulfill customer requests. Whether the customer wants to split a check 10 ways or just switch tables, Dinerware makes it easy for your staff to keep customers happy.

  • Transfer tickets to other users
  • Change tables
  • Customize ticket names
  • Split checks
  • Share items
  • Apply payments to other users’ tickets
  • Repeat previously ordered items
  • Hold (and release) menu items to kitchen
  • Use on-screen keyboard to add special requests
  • Change price or quantity of an item
  • View ticket details with Ticket Status Display
  • Tickets are stored forever – ideal for tabs or caterin


Ensure an informed staff with features that keep everyone connected.

  • View countdown item portions remaining
  • Use manual override to order items as necessary
  • Communicate with staff using internal messaging
  • Add a message of the day to the login screen


Flexible payment options let you customize Dinerware to suit your business, not the other way around.

  • Integrated credit and gift cards
  • Customize guest check formatting and contents
  • Optional receipt printing (great for counter service)
  • Unlimited split payments on any ticket
  • Split tickets into an unlimited number of payments
  • Multiple cash drawers with balance-by-drawer
  • Use fast pay to close a ticket in two touches
  • Record checks and gift certificates with tips

Menu Setup

Create a different menu for each shift without having to re-enter shared items with fully customizable menus.

  • Add unlimited menu items
  • Add unlimited screen categories
  • Add unlimited choices (modifiers)
  • Place items into multiple screen categories
  • Create custom menus for certain jobs
  • Select whether choices are optional or required
  • Add one or multiple choices
  • Reuse choices in as many sets as you like
  • Generate additional remote prints using choices

Kitchen Printing

Your chefs have enough to think about. Dinerware takes the guesswork out of course timing and food preparation.

  • Print choices in red
  • Group similar items on kitchen prints
  • Route prints based on job
  • Sort tickets by seat position
  • Printers can be assigned multiple roles


Simplified labor features allow managers to create new jobs, edit timesheets and look up employee information in seconds.

  • Create unlimited jobs
  • Automatically calculate overtime pay
  • Edit timesheets from any terminal
  • Employees show red when close to overtime
  • Access complete employee database
  • View employees’ personal information


Powerful pricing functionality lets you set up automatic promotional discounts, limit which staff members have void and comping privileges and more. Dinerware’s pricing can be customized to perfectly integrate with your restaurant’s existing policies.

  • Item price and quantity generates dynamically
  • Hide taxes for over-the-bar transactions
  • Create taxation rules
  • Change similarly-priced items in one step (surcharges, thresholds, GST taxes)
  • Create happy hour or other promotional discounts
  • Restrict discounts by job
  • Suppress hidden discounts on customer prints
  • Restrict manual discount availability by item
  • Make discounts apply to tickets, items or both
  • Add unlimited void reasons with detailed tracking


How is your restaurant performing? Dinerware has more than 70 built-in reports that you can access with a few touches—even export the data in several formats.

  • Access more than 80 built-in reports
  • Instantly access daily reports
  • Print on receipt printers, and preview on screen
  • Database stores all information permanently
  • Track audit trail of items sold
  • Create reports from all data with unlimited history
  • View reports on screen
  • Save reports as PDF, Excel, .csv, .rtf or other formats
  • See, access and use the underlying data

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