LOC Store Management Suite SMS

LOC Store Management Suite, Point of Sale (POS) module has many features that provide various alternatives such as touch screen setup thru keyboard, interfacing to multiple debit/credit switch, gas pump interface, advanced customer loyalty and more.

High-volume retail outlets need a POS system with superior data handling capabilities. The LOC Store Management Suite Point-of-Sale system processes transactions quickly and efficiently. The combination of a local item file with an item file on every lane makes the POS system a virtually no risk solution.




• Sell item by UPC, vendor code or alternate code
• Support unlimited alternate codes
• Alternates codes can trigger different item sizes (unit, case, bundle, etc)
• Scan random weight item by dollars or weight
• Customer and item maintenance at POS
• Cost plus for all or specific customers
• Fully customizable HTML page at POS
• Search item using multiple fields including description, sub-department, category, etc.
• Choices of readily available receipt templates
• Fully customizable receipt templates
• Mobile POS can be connected via wireless
• Sell by department or sub-department
• 100 programmable payment keys
• Multiple currency payment with specific rates
• Price modification at the selling stage
• Programmable flip charts for item search
• Manager access card (bar code or magnetic stripe)
Bar code printed on suspended order for easy recall
Bar code printed to review and refund from old transactions
• Graphic images of items and departments
• Price verification function, including weight readings and tax included
• Completely meets the operating requirements of 24-hours stores
• Rain check printing
• Support encoded cost entry
• Support automatic bottle link
• Support automatic environment fees
• Quantity entry before the item or at any time after
• Price modification of any previously registered item
• Scroll back to any line for modification
• 7 tax rates
• VAT tax supported (tax included in the price)
• Print stub receipt on not found items
• Web and local advertising on customer screen
• Web and local advertising on save screen
• Print summarized or detailed savings on receipt
• No end of day (EOD) close out required
• Layaway registration, payments and management



• Multiple percent discounts
• Multiple dollar discounts
• Item discounts
• Proportional discounts
• Global discount (with discount ability itemizer)
• Point discount
• General customer discounts
• Sub-department specific customer discounts
• Discount recalculation any any time in the sale



• Store coupons scanned and keyed
• Vendor coupons scanned and keyed
• Vendor coupons compulsory item matching
• Double coupons (or any factor)
• Full support for Databar coupons
• Triggered coupon printing
• Electronic coupons printed or online
• Complex coupon scenarios using multiple criteria
• Bundled final price promotions
• Coupons can be fixed dollar or percentage
Percentage can be on specific item or general
• Coupons can be buy X get Y free
• Coupons can be customer or customer level specific
• Coupons can be randomized for sweepstake and instant winners


Point Calculation

• Up to 35 points programs running simultaneously
• Point program can be used to track customer purchases over multiple visits
• Easy or complex scenarios to give points
• Points can be given on dollar sales, specific items or electronic coupons
• Multiple point ratio based on customer shopper levels
• Point redemption at the POS to get discounted or free items
• Point redemption suggestion to the cashier



• Cancel last item
• Cancel previous item
• Cancel complete transaction
• Cancel old transaction
• Line correction
• Refund key
• Refund mode
• Void item


USA features

• Food stamp support
• Support WIC only sale
• Support WIC and non-WIC sale
• Support up to 8 WIC flags



• Login using optional passwords
• Multiple sessions on the same register with different drawers
• Operators can modify their passwords at the till
• Age verification
• Minimum and maximum limit on each function
• Minimum and maximum for complete transaction
• All menus are adapted to operator access level
• Control each function by user level
• Automatic lock
• Electronic journal tracking (in XML format)
• Cashier monitoring
• Customer photo id displayed
• Cash limit in drawers, with alarm


• Support any programmable keyboard
• Touch screen operations fully supported
Full screen operations without menu and header
• Product creation and modification from POS
• Customer account creation or modification from POS
• Completely flexible setup of the screen layout, including colors and size
• Unlimited number of screen layouts
• Full support for dual monitors with different layout displayed on both


• Each lane can runs with its own independent database
• Mailbox system to allow clean communication between the lanes and the server
• Multi terminals suspend/resume
• Same user login on many registers can be stopped
Real time access to the customer balance
• Customer accounting and balance can be queried from remote head office database
Customer database can be located on POS, Back office or Remotely



• Interface to Catalina Marketing
• Interface to several pharmacy prescription systems
• Full control of gas pumps at the POS


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