2D Scanners and 2D Imaging

You have probably heard talk of 2D scanning and barcodes. You might find yourself wondering what 2D scanning is and how it can benefit your business. In this brief article, we will answer both of those questions to explain how 2D scanning can improve speed, efficiency and your marketing efforts.

So what is 2D scanning exactly? In a nutshell, 2D scanning is actually imaging, meaning the imager (aka the scanner) literally takes a picture of the barcode. They then use this picture to distinguish the high contrast black and white markings and quickly analyze and decode the information within. The best part is, due to advancements in technology, imaging has actually become as quick if not quicker than linear laser scanners. Now that we know how imaging works, let’s get to the part that really matters, how it can benefit you and your business.

1. Improve speed and efficiency

Unlike linear laser scanners, 2D imagers can read barcodes in any direction. This will allow the user to scan quicker because they will no longer need to line up the scanner exactly across the barcode. With an imager you just point at the barcode and squeeze the trigger and get a good read whether the barcode is up, down, left, right or just all out crooked.

Imagers can also read barcodes on any surface. Yes I said any surface. This means you can scan barcodes that are printed and barcodes on a screen, such as a smart phone. This will allow you to do some really amazing things with coupons and marketing.

2D scan an iphone

2. Marketing at the next level

2D imagers will allow you to take your coupons and marketing efforts to the next level by allowing you to provide coupons and promotions via email, text or social media for customers to display on their smart phones. Not only will customers be more apt to take advantage of these promotion because they can easily display the coupon on their mobile device instead of printing and cutting, but your cashiers will have an easier time ringing up the coupon. All they need to do is point and squeeze. No more manual entries when pocket worn coupons become faded and damaged and no more handling the customer’s device.

3. Age verification and account creation

2D imagers can read a wide variety of barcodes including 1D, stacked, 2D and even postal codes. This allows a 2D imager to read the information on the back of a driver’s license.

You can use the barcode on a driver’s license to quickly verify the age of customer. Not only is scanning a license quicker than manually keying in a birthday, it makes it virtually impossible to misread the date on the license that may result in an accidental sale to a minor. Some point of sale systems can even be set up to require a scan instead of a manual entry just in case your cashier’s underage buddy comes in hoping he will cut him a break. You can also use it to quickly build a customer account. The barcode on the back of a driver’s license provides name, age, address and other pertinent information. Collect it all with just one scan.

Easily build customer accounts for your loyalty program!

Now that you know a little more about 2D imaging, wouldn’t it be great if you could reap the benefits listed above with one simple upgrade? It might be cheaper than you think and once you see the results of 2D imaging, there will be no doubt you made the right choice.