Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Interface

With LOC Store Management Suite’s Digital Video Recorder Interface, retailers can monitor cashier activities in real time from the cameras from the back office computer or your computer at home. The DVR Interface is designed to overlay the lined item on top of the video image. A camera can be set up  on every lane to allow for more rigorous supervision. All lane activities can be viewed on a single screen!

The  DVR Interface and electronic journal fully integrates with our i3DVR video system or your existing system to provide real-time monitoring of cashier activities, while ensuring complete control of pre-recorded events and transactions by date and time.

  • Overlay of cashier entry
  • Attach each register to one camera
  • Video Watermark for integrity
  • Recall video from LOC Store Management Suite’s Electronic Journal
  • Compare key stroke from the EJ with video
  • Panic Button on POS
  • Have Cashier mark certain even and preview them later

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